Founded by Lexi Cross (a transplant from Seattle, WA), New York Called documents and follows the talents of New York City transplants.

New York Called tells the story of people who have moved to the city to pursue their passion in arts and fashion. Many of these stories are tales of self-creation.

The focus of New York Called is to introduce you to people, their inspirations, and the products that result, taking you behind their creative processes through interviews and photography and ultimately showcasing the product itself in a relatable way.

Under "Stories" you will find profiles featuring people who have moved to the city from elsewhere, while "The Busy Signal" provides updates on their creative journey and accomplishments--with outfit posts and insights from yours truly.

New York Called hopes to weave a community of people in a city full of both inspired and inspiring people from all over the world.

Picture Courtesy of Alex Mouganis Photography.





New York Called

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