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The saying "live life with no regrets" has always seemed unrealistic, but Adina Mills of Adina Mills Designhouse, has found a way to embody this mantra in an almost enviable way. If there were one word to describe Adina it would be "rad"--a word she used quite often during our interview in Central Park. She is a snowboarder, dancer, animal lover, sister, girlfriend, traveler...oh and did I mention jewelry designer? She hand makes incredible rings and necklaces, as well as other eye-catching pieces, out of all natural rocks and clay.Her jewelry is powerful but part of the strength comes from her story. Adina grew up in California, eventually receiving a bachelors degree in Santa Barbara. She was unsure of her direction upon graduation and eventually decided to go back to school to get her teaching credentials. She started with art classes and at one point enrolled in a sculpture class--a class that introduced her to a professor who introduced her to the material she now uses to make her jewelry.

Adina makes everything by hand, from mixing materials to molding the clay around the rock, to the spray painting of each ring and all the additional detailed work that completes every piece. She hand picks every rock and has been doing so for over five years now. One of the most interesting parts about her designing, however, is the setting in which she works, and that setting would be... her motor home. Yes, she lives in a motor home and if I fully claimed Adina as a New York transplant I would be partially lying because, while she spends a majority of time in the city (where she hopes to someday settle), she truly has no home base.Adina has been traveling now for almost two years but fate had plans for her trip around the country long before she even knew. After finishing school and pursuing jewelry making on the side, Adina managed a hair salon in California. Every Tuesday she was free from work to dog-sit for her sister. One afternoon fate kicked in as she decided to head to the beach with her sisters dog. The muggy and ultimately overcast weather led her, and her sisters dog to a local coffee shop. While standing in line she locked eyes with a guy who ended up talking to her about the jewelry she was wearing (jewelry of her own design of course). Adina's minute conversation with the attractive guy (named Miles) turned into a three hour afternoon rendezvous. Sooner than later they moved in together and Miles's dream of traveling became Adina's own. They saved money and planned for three years. Now, five years later, they have been on the road for two years in their 1977 motor home named Journey.

And if you ask Adina--what a journey it has been as they have been "rockin'" and "rollin'" everywhere from New Mexico to Arkansas to Texas to Tennessee and more. They have made friends with "rad" people including a redneck toothless woman and her boyfriend in middle America to old folk retirees who are part of the Rock and Mineral Club that Miles and Adina belong to in Quartzsite, Arizona. Their original plan to travel for only two years has since changed as they are incredibly happy and loving the "journey" they are on together. When they do settle, however, Adina would love to do so in New York with a possible studio or storefront in Brooklyn in an up and coming neighborhood.New York, after all, is where Adina's heart is. At the beginning of her traveling, Miles and she spent time in Connecticut. Adina would travel to New York from Connecticut every two weeks to meet with stores and network with people with hopes of really jumpstarting her jewelry business. She spent a lot of time at flea markets directly selling to people and sharing with them the soul of her work (which she still loves to do). Her hard work paid off as she is now able to find primary support from her passion. Since then, she has had some major successes, one of which being Shopbop selling her product online (you can find here). While she describes her work for Shopbop as fairly grueling, it was extremely beneficial in finding her exposure and, ultimately, helping her and Miles buy a new "fully-contained" motor home.Besides hopefully permanently ending up in New York, what is in store for Adina? Like I mentioned before she is a huge animal lover and would love to make a special line of animal rescue rings, donating a portion of the profits. She and Miles are in no rush to the alter but her previous work with kids has heightened her interest in possible adoption. One thing is for certain--she is in love. "It was really love at first sight," Adina said. If it werent for Miles she would not be traveling, let alone pursuing her passion for jewelry making at its current level. "When you have love like this," Adina explained, "you feel like you can do anything--like anything is possible."Adina's love for life, her passion for travel and the arts, and the deep connection she shares with Miles really makes it seem like anything is possible as long as you open yourself to what the world has to offer. She is so easygoing and genuine to talk to, and in such a career oriented, hard working city, it is refreshing to listen to someone who has found the ability to satisfy all her passions just by taking a chance. "As far as we know it," she said, "we only have one time around--so do what you want to do because if you want something bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen."

You can follow Adina Mills on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with her journey on her Tumblr page!

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  2. Miles says:

    Here is what i am issuing to all people and entities who support and sell/promote ADINA MILLS…

    Being that within Departments of our own Government of The United States of America, many times the only way they
    will receive claims or complaints is by email or electronic transmission, it seems only fitting that this order
    finds you in the same fashion and that this order receives proper consideration by you.

    You may know me by meeting me in person or interacting with me over the years in reference to Adina Mills
    Designhouse (aka Adina Mills), or you may know me through Adina and I traveling across the United States and
    the stories and buzz which made Adina Mills Designhouse popular.

    I am known through my relationship and partnership with Adina Mills as “Miles”

    It is my claim here and now that not only did I conceptualize and form the basis for what became Adina Mills
    Designhouse, but it was my nurturing, support and ideas which made this brand a success.

    Adina did not believe that she could be successful in this venture and fought me much of the way on my advice
    and insight and her style and design processes were much different in the beginning. Adina’s first works were
    a mix of my insistance and her own direction and what she determined to create at first was not very popular
    and that only when she fully took my direction of design and processes did the creations begin to receive the
    attention and support she desired.

    And even though it was my request and right to request that Adina leave me out of her marketing she indeed did
    go against my wishes and what was our love story and travels across the United States made this brand stand out.
    I told her to not put my name in the mix and not only did she ignore that request, she made available images of
    me and posted images of me online on her own accord in an effort to strengthen this brand.

    res ipsa loquitur (“the thing speaks for itself”)

    You should be and may be familiar with our story, but if you are not, it is not hard to get online and find
    all of these things out for yourself. If you require hardcopy of this order I can issue one to you for a fee
    of $25.00 and if you would like a comprehensive report of my claim I can issue one to you for a fee of $100.00.

    It is self evident that I was integral in the creation and success of Adina Mills Designhouse.

    As we have now separated, Adina refuses to make me whole for my contribution and work hours to Adina Mills
    Designhouse which she admitted was “ours” and that we were “partners” and that she continues to profit from
    my work and ideas.

    I have made full and diligent efforts to allow anyone to speak against the claims I make. I have requested
    differentiating viewpoints from Adina’s family, friends and retail outlets, yet received no varrying viewpoints
    negating my claims against Adina. As well I have made the same requests of numerous other people we met along
    our travels across the United states which lasted almost (4) four years, yet received no varrying viewpoints.

    Demand to Cease and Desist:

    In this regard, you are ordered to immediately cease and desist promoting, marketing, advertising, offering for
    sale, or entering into any type of commercial transaction with Adina Mills and/or Adina Mills Designhouse until
    such a time when she makes me whole and our separation process is completed and you are to return all items you
    currently have to Adina Mills until further notice.

    I will issue said release to you at such a time when Adina Mills fullfills her responsibility to me.

    You are responsible to act accordingly.
    Should you need any more info i am available by phone @ 442 269 9001

    Thank You,

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