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BA"I grew up in Cape Cod, which is definitely a part of who I am," said home goods designer Rebecca Atwood as we sat in her NYC apartment. I met Rebecca through her sister, Grace Atwood (blogger behind Stripes & Sequins and Social Media Director for BaubleBar). Grace is one of the nicest, hard-working people I know and I wasn't surprised to find that Rebecca is just as sweet-natured and ambitious.R Atwood 1I was excited to meet with Rebecca and learn about her endeavor into home textiles. After all, the stacks of pillow inserts in her living room were all too telling of her success thus far. The first thing I was eager to learn about was her familial background. "My parents own Red Pheasant, a restaurant in Cape Cod that my grandfather started years ago-in fact the house we grew up in is connected to the restaurant. My dad is the chef and my mom runs the front. They've always been supportive and taught me I can do whatever I want. My parents work really hard and the mentality toward us kids has always been clear: no matter what we do we are going to work a lot-so we better enjoy what we're doing."R Atwood 2With such inherent talent and a supportive familial framework, it'sno wonder Rebecca decided to follow her passion at Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, where she studied painting. Upon graduation she transitioned into home decoration, moving to Philadelphia to work for Anthropologie. I was curious why she pursued this path as opposed to a painting career.R Atwood 3"When I graduated I wanted to explore textiles because it was the closest thing to painting that offered a real income. So I sort of fell into home decoration... Looking back, it makes sense. When I was little I was obsessed with doll houses. I made my own and and picked out the wallpaper, etc. I was always interested in spaces and things that are part of everyday life versus things that purely hang on the wall."R Atwood 4While in Philly, Rebecca met her future husband, which ultimately played a part in her move to New York City. For reasons related to career and proximity to family, they packed up and took off to the Big Apple, where Rebecca eventually took a position with another home goods company involving private label design, production management, and other valuable skills.R Atwood Outside of her job in New York City, Rebecca started dying courses. One course in particular touched on the art of Shibori. Intrigued by the process, she bought multiple books on the subject and taught herself how to do it. "I started dying in my free time and the results are so interesting-I was very drawn to it. You can control certain elements of the dying but everything is handmade so there is variation. The off season in Cape Cod is a lot of what inspire my work. Folding and dying fabric reminds me of the tide coming in and the patterns it leaves in the sand."R AtwoodAfter much practice, she decided to start her own business, Rebecca Atwood, making home textiles with a huge emphasis on the artistic process. She launched in March 2013 and has come a long way since then-although she admits the workload is getting a bit heavy for just one person.R Atwood"I do everything myself except the sewing which is done in Garment District. I do the dying and fabric cutting as well as bookkeeping and social media. I put everything down on my calendar and if I don't have to think about something for 2 weeks I put off until then. My biggest struggle now is that I don't have the time to get everything done that I know I need to do. Finding the right people to work with is really important."R AtwoodEventually Rebecca sees herself expanding further into home products, including bedding. She wants to create a lifestyle around the dying and printing she does as well as work with talented artisans from different countries. She explained how wonderful it is to work with countries that have specific skills unique to that particular country, for example, India's expertise in quilt making.R Atwood"I've learned so much by living in New York City. Who I am hasn't changed but what I've learned has. I've made great mentors and I can stand my ground. I'm lucky I've met so many people here."

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