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timoweilandteam.jpg_effected Imagine working alongside an architect to design your parent's house at age eleven... If I were an eleven year old architect, I'd feel pretty confident about my future. And while designing houses wasn't ultimately Timo Weiland's calling, designing clothing was.twtag.jpg_effectedTimo was born in Omaha, Nebraska and raised between Jacksonville, Florida and New York. I arrived at his studio after hours on a weekday and sat down at his desk. He inquired across the room before we started our interview: "After that project, can we start with e-commerce?" Clearly, a studio filled with hardworking and driven people. He then started telling me about his upbringing.timoweiland3.jpg_effected"I grew up in a competitive and private high school environment. It was a very athletic academy - everyone played like 3 varsity sports. I almost went on to play Division I tennis and swimming but decided against it. And I'm glad because I would've been too focused on something that wasn't what I wanted to do. Instead I went to Vanderbilt University and triple majored in financial economics, Spanish literature, and business management. The campus was everything I wanted and I had a handful of friends from preschool that also went there."thread.jpg_effected"One of my best friends is Danielle Snyder of Dannijo. We've been friends since we were little kids. I was actually with her and her sister last night. It's great to be in constant contact with people you've shared 25 years of experiences with. I remember the first day of braces going on...and the first day of braces coming off. You dont realize that surrounding yourself with these kind of driven people really impacts you. We learn a lot from each other."process.jpg_effectedFollowing his graduation from Vanderbilt, Timo moved to New York and spent 3 years on Wall Street in investment banking. Post Wall Street, his love for the startup culture found him in consulting. Timo actually met his current business partner, Alan Eckstein, after working for a clothing startup. Alan and Timo ultimately decided to join forces and uncover their own creative path which has since resulted in the Timo Weiland label.timoweiland1.jpg_effected"Timo Weiland is all about scholastic sportswear for men and women. It's for that Oxford student who decided to work in a creative field. They're interested in what they're wearing everyday. It's about the details and art of dressing. Our biggest focus right now is knits and outerwear. Also dresses for women and shirting for men."timoweilanddress2.jpg_effectedThe brand officially got it's start in Spring of 2010, but has become a household name. Timo Weiland was in Barneys New York since its first season, and is now going on season 13.tw1"We dont want to be so directional that we aren't accessible. We want people to be able to understand it and afford it. You can wear it to the beach or a barbecue. It's for the intelligent extrovert who might be heading to a Hampton's party that night. Maybe a former Ivy league student - maybe not. Maybe they just have that sensibility."lbd.jpg_effectedNew York has definitely influenced the brand, which caters to that "very busy" New Yorker who doesn't have time to go home and change in between work and nightlife. And the bustling New York neighborhoods dont hurt the inspiration process either.timoweilandprint.jpg_effected"My favorite part is when we can explore and research and allow the unknown to influence us - going out and not knowing what you will see at an art gallery or a random NYC street. It's fun when you finally decide on designs, and then samples, and then start getting orders. You try and remember those moments when you are trying not to fall asleep at night."twdress.jpg_effectedI don't find it hard to believe that Timo's busy days find him exhausted at night. He has very little free time, and when he does, he's generally surfing the web alongside his book and newspaper reads.IMG_3504.jpg_effected"I read multiple newspapers a day. I had breakfast with a friend from Vogue at 8 AM and walked in with unfinished articles hanging out of my bag. She told me I looked like one of those people you generally see on the subway reading the paper. But I am one of those people! I'll rip my address off of a New York Times I've finished and leave the paper behind on the subway for someone else to read." A New York tradition that's quite new to me... but I like it, along with everything else I learned about Timo that night.jacket.jpg_effectedI really enjoyed my studio visit - It's exciting to see a brand this successful semi-early in the game, especially foreseeing its growth in the upcoming years. Maybe down the road I'll be one of those lucky subway riders, who picks up a New York Times with a missing address...and a headline that points to "Timo Weiland" as the one who made it big...

Shop Timo Weiland here. You can also follow the brand on Facebook / Instagram & Twitter. And stay tuned next week for my OUTFIT post featuring a favorite Timo Weiland jumpsuit of mine...

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