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Where do I begin with Grace Atwood... Apart from running a very successful personal blog (Stripes & Sequins), she's the Social Media Director for BaubleBar, an online source for fashion jewelry. I'm also lucky to call her one of my new and cherished friends. She is genuine, talented, kind and classy, and the girl loves some statement jewelry. I first met Grace when we worked on a DIY for Lulu Frost and since then, I've had the pleasure of spending time with her in and out of the office. A transplant from Cape Cod, Grace is one of those people that makes New York City great and within these city walls, Grace is bound to become great herself.

Learn more about Grace's NYC perspectivein the Q+A below (photos by Lydia Hudgens):Grace Atwood

When did you move to NYC and why?

I moved to New York in January 2006. It was for a job. I had planned on staying for a year... but now I'm coming up on eight years!

What's your current role?

I work in social media for BaubleBar.com, and before that I worked in brand management for about 6 yrs. Before that, I worked in retail buying.

One item you moved with and will keep forever?

A vintage bracelet from Tiffany's that belonged to my grandmother.

How is representing a brand on social media different than representing a personal account?

You have an entirely different voice to represent. Sometimes you'll get lucky and the brand's voice is your voice... but more often than not the voice will be different.

What's the most valuable thing that your least favorite job taught you?

That you won't always like the people you work with (I had a really terrible boss two jobs ago) but that if you enjoy the work it can still be rewarding.

Looking back, what advice would you give to the freshly arrived version of you?

Relax. The things you want will come, so just chill out and have some fun for now.

What's a moment of vulnerability you can remember?

Being wide eyed and innocent on the subway when I was still living in NJ with my aunt and uncle (I lived there for a few months to save up for first/last/security) and getting hit on by the creepiest dude. I think that's when I developed a better poker face on the subway.

What can you call your proudest moment?

Realizing that I had a close group of friends and wasn't just surviving in NY, but thriving!

What was going through your head the last time you were really frustrated with NYC?

I was stuck in traffic and wondering what was wrong with my cab driver... haha.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

It came from an old boss, who told me that a lot of the boys I'd meet in New York would be brought up as gentlemen... they'd be nice and have good manners. But she warned me to watch out... just because they pay for things and open doors doesn't mean they are actually good guys. It's true!

When are you at your happiest?

When I'm out with girlfriends, or at home with a good book.

What's something you know today that you didn't know yesterday?

Dallas Buyers Club is going to get an Oscar. It has to.

[yep, there's more...]

Grace Atwood

My favorite nights are... the random ones where I end up doing something unexpected (and oftentimes staying out too late).

I'm not a tourist but I still... love all of NYC's christmas decor!

You'll usually find me... with coffee in my hand.

My favorite phone apps are... VSCO Cam, Instagram, Pic Tap Go.

If I'm going to splurge... it better be on something I'll have forever.

It's completely okay to do this alone... travel.

Don't trust... girls that don't have many close female friends.

Do trust... boys that have a lot of female friends.

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