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Sophie Tabet is one of the cool NYC kids... the kind of cool that's not trying to be cool, which is really the best kind. I met Sophie through a mutual friend over a year ago, and we still keep in touch whether it's e-mails or random run-ins at Jack's Wife Freda (one of my favorite places to eat in SoHo). A NYC-transplant from London, Sophie started a creative house called LANDED NY, which focuses on projects dedicated to unique products and artist collaborations. She's pretty badass and I loved reading her insights on New York City.

Learn more about Sophie's NYC perspective in the Q+A below:When did you move to NYC and why?

In 2007, to attend Tisch at NYU for film and TV production.

Give a brief description of your background/current job?

I was born in NYC but my parents are French Lebanese and we were brought up in London. They made sure we kept space for each culture so we could identify with them all.

I started a creative house called LANDED NY in 2011 and have been focusing on that ever since. Our projects are mostly collaboration based. We work with different artists to generate unique products...designer Khoi Le,artist Juliette Seydoux,and Cafe Integral to name a few.

Where do you gather inspiration and how do you feed your creativity?

If you met my family you'd see where I gather my inspiration from! Woody Allen ain't got shit on us.

I have a tendency of obsessing over things until I've fully researched and understood them - only then, if I'm still totally enthralled, I can be sure they'll appear in my work (in due time).

First steps to building a network of relationships in the city?

Don't smile, you'll throw people off!

One item you moved with and will keep forever?

A green marble I keep under my bed.

Looking back, what advice would you give to the freshly arrived version of you?

Don't pick things up from off the street, and don't try to start a prop house out of your dorm. It's not going to work out.

What's a moment of vulnerability you can remember?

Too many. A fun one was jumping into my roommates bed during fresher's week because I woke up in the middle of the night and had no idea where the hell I was. Bless her, she was very uncomfortable.

What can you call your proudest moment?

To this day? Sticking to my guns. I could list a couple instances that are memorable, but I think just going with my gut and seeing the positive outcome.

When are you happiest?

Being in good company, feeling the love.

What was going through your head the last time you were really frustrated with NYC?

The universe is massive and we are so tiny. That imagery always calms me down. Perspective.

What is the best piece of advice you've ever received and from who?

Time is money. You can spend my money, but don't waste my time as my father always says.

What's something you know today that you didn't know yesterday?

Anything you can do, mum can do better.

[wait, there's more...]

[Photos above: LANDED NY teamed up with Juliette Seydoux to produce a diary of her clever illustrations depicting her time in New York City.]

My favorite nights are...when I dance hard enough that my muscles are sore.

My favorite place to spend time...is where I can eat drink laugh and smoke a cigarette.

I'm not a tourist but I still...have to HopStop my uptown journeys.

You'll usually find me...Ridin' dirty and rollin' deep.

Don't trust...Those that never blink.

Do trust...your dog.

If I'm going to splurge...it's going to be on furniture.

It's completely okay to do this alone...Freestyle rapping.

When it comes to NYC I hate...Time Warner

When it comes to NYC I love...feeling like a boss.

I'll move out of NYC when...Everyday is my birthday.

[Photos above: LANDED NY provides full brand management for designer Khoi Le.Visit LANDED NY here.]

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